Key Benefits Of Taking Online Web Proctored Exams

Remote proctoring helps an invigilator to look out for assessments from every part of the world. With the advent of numerous cutting-edge devices on the market such as Remote Proctoring, a live online exam or recording of the same became feasible for the proctor to observe carefully. The software is used in an auto-proctored online test to automatically identify any instances of cheating through technology.

How Do Proctored Exams Monitor?

A proctored exam is supervised by an authorized, unbiased person (a proctor) who leaves no stone unturned to maintain the integrity of the online review process. A proctor is solely responsible for conducting the entire process from ascertaining the validity of applicants to overseeing every step of the examination process.

Benefits Of Online Proctoring Software

Makes International Education More Accessible

Online learning infrastructure has been developed by many educational institutions to offer e-learning courses to students from around the globe. However, for students to catch a flight and travel a long distance, it is not financially feasible to enter the school campus for seeking a qualification in exams. Thankfully online proctoring software saves the day. Students can now give the same exam without having to board a bus, no matter where they are.

Provides Flexible Time

A flexible schedule helps students as well as teachers to have greater control of their job environment and schedule. Digital proctoring gives the candidates unprecedented flexibility, allowing them the right to sit exams at any time of convenience.

Favors All The Students Globally

Regardless of your physical location, there you can give exams with other students just by sitting at home. It makes it simple for foreign student-oriented courses, although it also applies to local education. Whether studying part-time or while working, it can work well both ways. You won’t be required to be on campus at all times.

Works For All Kinds Of Examinations

Proctors will supervise all sorts of exams online. If it’s questions, essays, or aptitude tests with multiple options, online proctoring suits all of them. This can provide support in digital format for any test. A webcam can be used in live proctoring to validate hand-written notes of a student.

Proctoring online is here to revolutionize the education system. Online proctored (OP) exams allow participants to take an assessment conveniently in the comfort of their home while being remotely watched over by an offsite proctor.

There are however four simple requirements for remotely taking evaluations:

  • Compatible computer (desktop, mobile, laptop, and tablet)
  • Uninterrupted link (256kbps minimum)
  • Functional input devices: Microphone and a webcam
  • Latest compatible browsers

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