Fun Online Trends That Teenagers are Into

Where are you if not online? In today’s day, if you want to know what is happening, you have to be online; that’s where everything is happening. With the continuous increase in sales of smartphones and internet usage, there is a new trend every week. Following are the trends that teens are enjoying a lot over the internet.

15-second Short Videos

Short videos became a trend with Tiktok and have been a hit ever since. Teenagers enjoy creating as well as streaming these 15 second videos a lot. They have a wide range be it from singing, dancing, gaming videos to user created trends, meme content, and more to keep everyone engrossed in them.

After Tiktok, a lot of other platforms introduced the feature like Instagram Reels. You could scroll your life away and I am not even kidding! It works because of its short duration promise. It doesn’t require much to get dive into a video.

Name Generators

Name generators are also very widely and passionately used among the teens of today. Name generators are also of many types ranging from rap names, couple names to names for teams and clans. Rapper names are really fun when creating one for yourself and your friends. Get names like “Big Queen”, “Lil mafia” and “Killer Genius ZX 11” using a random rapper name generator online.

You can also create a team or a group name if you have a huge crew of gamers or for any other activity. Teenagers today do this by using a clan name generator online that makes cool group names for them for free.

Yet another name generator that is very popular nowadays is the couple name generator. Basically, this creates names for 2 people who are in a relationship, are together. It can be something like: if the name is Jack and Elsa, the couple’s name is Jelsa; Damon and Elena can become Delena; Priyanka and Nick become Nickyanka. Teens like to create couple names for their favorite characters and also for themselves and their partner.

Snapchat and Instagram

Social media is an inevitable part of internet usage. if you are an active internet user, it is impossible for you to not be on any social media platforms like that of Snapchat or Instagram. Teens love these 2 photo-sharing apps more than anything. These have a good layout and format and are also very addictive once started using. Putting up stories, sharing snaps, creating reels, and posting cool pictures is what makes these interesting.


Mobile phone gaming has increased ever since a lot of teens have started getting mobile phones more than gaming consoles. They prefer it because mobile phones are multipurpose and also affordable. However, online gaming and e-sports has taken a big leap in these years and is sure to go higher in the coming ones. PUBg mobile, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Sims 4, Fortnite, and League of Legends are some of the most popular games that teens today like to play on the go. Mobile or console, gaming has become a regular part of every teen’s daily life.

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