How the Technology is ruining the Youth

Mankind has invented a lot of new things, which have made our lives easier and faster. We have brought solutions to problems we didn’t know existed in the first place. From ancient times, people have contributed to such inventions, and thus there have been revolutionary findings in various fields. However, the inventions in the communication and technology sectors have been the greatest, which have redefined many things and acts for human life.

For instance, people used to have pigeons as a mode of communication. And if the distance between the sender and a receiver is too far, it used to take many days for the message to be delivered. But with the introduction of mobile phones, we can contact anyone regardless of the distance and time.

The Other Face of the Technology

We’ll forever be thankful to the technology, for bringing our closed ones together even when we’re at distance. However, ‘all that glitters is not gold’ and even technology is not the exception of it. It also has a downside. Especially, when it comes to the youngsters, it is taking them down in more ways than one. From the CPS test of gaming to addictive social media applications, we’ve got everything covered.


Social Media Applications

These applications can be downloaded from a computer browser or a smart-phone application store. They are typically used for interactive purposes, such as messaging, multimedia sharing, and video calling. From the introduction, they sound like the perfect tools for communication purposes, and they are. But with time, the very purpose and use of such platforms have been lost in the transition.

Youngsters are missing out on the important things of life due to these platforms. Practically, they’re no more interested in having a conversation with a person who is sitting right in front of them. They stay buried behind the screens and compare their actual lives with the artificial world. They do not understand that the content they see on their devices is carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized as well as published.

The rate of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems is increasing at a disturbing rate among the youth. And many studies have shown a strong link between the increased risk of mental health issues and time spent on social media applications.


Your first instinct might be of questioning this part. But you’ve read it right, no matter how much fun gaming is, it also has the dark side, playing games for a prolonged period may cause addiction and various health problems as well.

For instance-

  • A mouse clicking testmay cause arthritis. The clicker test might cause problems to your hand.
  • Playing violent games may cause aggression issues.
  • Looking at your computer screen for too long might bring adverse effects to your eyesight.

Hence, there’s nothing wrong with using the technology and advanced applications, but ensure that you do not use them excessively. Know about these things and be very careful about how much time you choose to spend behind your screens.