Top 4 Male Rappers Loved by the Gen-Z

Rap, hip hop, and trap music have always been the pop culture for new generations. The industry has produced some of the most fantastic rappers of all time. Rap music has been a genre that has evolved over time. With new artists taking the reigns and creating diverse and different sounds, the list of who is popular and who is not is always changing. Taking a look at the top 4 rappers of this generation can provide insight into who is a fan favorite and who is not. The top rappers of this generation are not always the ones who are on top of the charts. It is important to understand that popularity is not the same as quality and that just because a rapper is popular does not mean their music is any good. However, there is some similarity among the people of the same generation. Let’s look at their popular male rappers’ list!

1. Eminem – Yep, We still love him here

If you ask a random boy or a girl walking down the street who Eminem is, they will be knowing the answer to that. Ask ANYONE to name 1 rapper and the answer will be Eminem. He is popular and loved and all for a reason. The reason being he is the best at his game. He has consistently been named one of the most influential artists ever. He has also been crowned the greatest of all time so many times. Slim Shady has not been labeled the “King of Hip hop” for nothing!

2. Travis Scott

This highly loved artists’ real name is Jacques Berman Webster II. The Sicko Mode hitmaker is an amazing songwriter with some of the best punchlines and metaphors to his credit. His lyric ” There’s a lot of us out here that are birds, man. We all need to just fly.” shows the type of metaphors he uses to make his lyrics relatable. He uses not just one but a lot of different types of metaphors in his lyrics and shows his songwriting skills.  A little-known fact about Travis: the star started playing drums at the age of 3 and then moved on to learn piano and more. He also attended the University of Texas but then later dropped out to pursue music.


3. Drake

Drake is the rapper with the most number 1 singles on Billboard. The Canadian artist, rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer became a household name with his debut studio album called “Thank Me Later” which came out in 2010. The album was debuted at number 1 on Billboard 200! Drake is very well known for some of the best rap punchlines and metaphors. He is very successful commercially as well as artistically. About popularity, well that is no doubt considering how everyone around the world was hooked and dancing to Keke! He is a party at the Grammy’s as well. Had to be among the top. No other choice.

4. Offset

If you have heard “Bad and Boujee” then congratulations for nothing. Everyone has heard, it lol! With songs like Clout and Legacy, the artist has won the hearts of Gen – Z and found a way to resonate with the generation. His real name, a lesser-known fact, is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. He is a member of the 3 member band, “Migos”. The 2 other bandmates are his cousins with whom he grew up. Although he has not always been in news because of his music (he has been arrested for possession of drugs and guns) he has certainly been able to make the young love his music.