What Gave Rise To The Florida Man Challenge

Just like most of the states, Florida is famous for its amusement parks, beaches, and food – but most specifically for Florida man headlines involving some bizarre crimes, often committed by a seemingly rebellious offender known as “Florida man.”

This state is known to be one of the wackiest and unusual places in the entire USA, populated by the weirdest people ever. And no surprise, local people in Florida have to deal with snakes, alligators, dogs, sharks, and whatnot.

All this gives rise to a lot of crazy headlines out there about such quirky situations that have confused everyone, and although there are many other different people are involved in such stories, the Florida man takes the cake with some of the nuttiest examples.


How Did Florida Man Became Viral?

So in March 2019, a Tumblr user going by the name gandalfsoda made up a game/challenge which involved Googling Florida man crimes that happened on your birthday, and this did not take long for the challenge to go viral.

His Tumblr post now has over 50,000+ notes, and with the help from a tweet from a user called swervin merv, the challenge went viral faster.

But it does not always make a comedy gem. October 1 is kind of sad: “Florida man arrested for throwing the Bible at deputies.” And sometimes it doesn’t come up with anything interesting – just the stories about the challenge itself.

Florida Man Headlines

You can keep trying. There are 365 days in a year, Florida man has been everywhere, and you know a lot of people, and they all – of course – have birthdays.

Here are some fun ones:

June 8: “Florida man desperate for a ride to Hooters calls 911”

Jan 22: “Florida man arrested for fried-chicken attack on his girlfriend”

July 20: “Florida man tries to evade arrest by cart-wheeling away from cops”

Oct 7: “Florida man arrested for trying to get alligator drunk”

Jan 30: “Florida man spent weeks in jail for heroin for what was actually detergent”

However, some internet users got suspicious about this challenge being a trap to data mining scam.

“Have you guys figured out that the “google Florida man” bit is a data mining scam, or are you too busy taking an ancestry test?” tweeted one user.

But this is not true. Why would Google want your personal data i.e. your birthday, which they already have?

Wrapping Up

From this viral Florida man birthday challenge, there is one source that does seem to heavily benefit from is Florida newspapers, which are gaining a lot of views to the old Florida man stories.

Alright, let’s just wrap up with an old classic: “Florida Man rips urinal from the wall and runs naked into the woods!”

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