What is a Mouse Wheel Test

A wheel is typically placed between the left clicker and the right clickers of a computer mouse. Scrolling up and down of any web page or a document is one of the most basic uses. It is very vital for people who have to work continuously on their computers, it’s very helpful for them as they have to deal with many documents in a day.

The Mouse Scroll Test is an online, instant vertical scrolling test. It tests how quickly you can scroll up and down with your mouse wheel. The faster the time, the better your mouse wheel control.

Instead of using a down and an up-button, the scroll wheel is relatively better. It is faster than buttons which allows daily users to work at an effective speed.

Wheel Test

What are Other Names of this Test

It is known as the roller speed test among teenagers, and it is known as the scroll speed test among youngsters and older people.

How Does it Work

The mouse wheel test, unlike the click per the second test, doesn’t show the clicks over a specified time frame. It shows the results in pixels. It simply shows how much you can scroll. It depicts the result in pixels. For instance, 3000 pixels scrolled.

Why You Should Take This Test

A scroll test is a must for you if you have to use your computer mouse daily. Many people do not use personal computers, instead; they use laptops and tablets. And for the latter, people much rather use the touchpads that come along with the devices. But if you still choose to attach a mouse with it, because you’re used to it, you should take this test to check your speed of the scroll.

Who Should Take This Test

The following people should usually take the scroll speed test. It will help them get better and faster at what they do regularly.


There are many different types of gaming and people choose to play games as per their choices and preferences. There are action games, racing games, speeding games, dress-up games, and many more. Whatever games people play, this test will help them get better and faster at them. A scroll is very useful and important, especially when it comes to competitive games. Once you get a hang of this test, you’ll realize for yourself that your seed has indeed increased. You just need to be patient, and you’ll achieve your desired results.

Computer Savvy

People who have incredible computer skills are known as computer savvy. They know the crux of computers in-depth and they have a better understanding of them compared to normal people. In the 21st century, in a corporate world, there are many fields and sectors which require rich knowledge of computers. And hence, this test will be really helpful for them, because they have to deal with many documents and go through many web pages and websites daily. Thus, the more they use it, the faster they’ll get at their respective work.

If you haven’t yet taken this test, go on the web right now, and try it out! It’s unlimited and absolutely free!

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