Why Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Maternity Shoot was Unique

When the ‘Heroine’ of Bollywood does something, it instantly hits the headlines. The Jab we met actor is expecting her second child with her husband Saif and is due soon. The last time when she was pregnant, she shattered the taboos with her bold and remarkable public appearances.

Bollywood actresses refrained from being seen at a public event and being photographed by the paparazzi. However, Kareena was seen flaunting her baby bump beautifully at all the events when she was pregnant with her first child, Taimur Ali Khan.

Dress for Maternity Photoshoot

The uniqueness of Bebo’s Maternity Shoot

When she announced she was pregnant with her second baby, the internet went gaga over it and everyone was looking forward to her way of approaching pregnancy the second time. And she lived up to everyone’s expectations and reminded everyone why she’s a true trailblazer with her maternity shoot. From theme to her dress for the maternity photo-shoot; everything was different. Now you must have seen the photos, but check out the reasons why we think Bebo’s maternity shoot was unique from everybody else.


While everyone chooses to go with a fairytale or a royal theme, Bebo decided to choose a sports theme. Kareena, on her social media platforms, uploaded her photo of doing yoga unabashedly. Needless to say, when she uploaded the photos, they started to trend #1 on Twitter and everyone just couldn’t stop adoring her in those photos. She was seen doing a yoga pose is comfortable sporting wear (which she also happens to endorse.) Now we all know how important health and fitness are, and Bebo emphasized that only. Even during her pregnancy, she is maintaining her fitness routine, without putting a brake on it. And from our point of you, that message has to be one of the boldest statements one can say out loud.


The Bajrangi Bhaijan actress is known to break the norms with her bold attitude. And when she decided to go for a sports theme, she broke so many of them, all at once. With her sheer elegance and class, Bebo did really make a strong statement and showed everyone that she’s here to do what she wants to do without being apologetic about it. We all know the importance of fitness and Kareena didn’t make any kind of sacrifices with her fitness routine. Eventually, the healthier the mom is, the healthier the baby will be.

Maternity photoshoot Dress


The outfit of the maternity shoot is the utmost important thing. And when you are a leading Bollywood diva, it matters incredibly a lot. The dress for maternity photo-shoot will give people a subject to gossip about. And yet, instead of going with something fancy, the Begum of Saif chose comfort. She was spotted wearing her athleisure in the photos which totally broke the internet!

If you want to trend, just ask Bebo how-to! Everything that she does is so authentic that it starts becoming the talk of the town. And if you’re an expecting mother, just follow these simple tricks by Kareena and you’ll love your pregnancy journey even more!