What Do Tech Startups Have To Say About Emojis?

In some places, emojis even get their own subtitles! But what do tech startups have to say about emojis? The first emojis were only available for Japanese cell phones, but with increased technological integration in our culture, they’ve become an international phenomenon. One CEO of a tech startup says, “Emojis are a great way to keep in touch with our customers. We love our em”

When you think of startups, you probably think of technology and entrepreneurship, and innovation. But have you ever thought about how startups are using emojis? If not, read on to learn more about the role emojis play in the startup world.

Emojis have become very vital mainly due to social media and for a very long time now, What you might have failed to notice is that emojis have also become very commonplace now in business environments as well.  Emojis have exploded in popularity in the past many years and have become a part of everyday communication.

Today, we use emojis to describe our moods, our experiences, and even to show our love and affection. So it’s not surprising that businesses are also finding new and creative ways to use emojis to their benefit.  Businesses are using emojis to their benefit by using them not only in marketing, but also in sales, customer service, and other areas. When earlier they were considered unprofessional, people are now using emojis in their e-mails.


E-mojis in E-mails

The emoji has become so ubiquitous in the business world that it’s even becoming a focal point for email marketing. Emojis have transformed e-mail marketing! There are hardly any marketing mails without emojis today. Be it Zomato, Myntra, or even study portals for students. Gone are the days where emojis were only the Japanese kaomoji, where you would make a fuss over sending a simple heart text symbol to your crush.

Customer Response

Apart from marketing and social media, emojis have found their way in surveying. Many businesses use emojis to gauge the user experience. Businesses have started communicating with the consumers using emojis which has substantially improved the response rate by 10 times at the least. Emojis influence visitors to engage more which ultimately helps businesses in gaining customer feedback and responses which are very vital. Consumers are responding to this new way of advertising, and it’s being taken seriously by big brands like Google, Netflix, and of course, even Taco Bell.

The Best Part of Using Emojis for Businesses

The best part of using emojis is that emojis are universal! The basic emojis work the same internationally for over more than 200 countries and that says a lot! It is the fastest-growing language in today’s world and is very successful in eliciting responses from customers. These responses are usually honest and true as most of the buying and selling ever done is done with emotions on the customer’s end. Also as they are simple emojis, customers do not have to think a lot before reacting and responding.

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