5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10

Yes! We know you love Windows 7 but, Windows 10 comes with great features that you need on your PC right now. Although every Windows 7 faithful who uses Windows Media Center, will be disappointed to know that it has been removed from Windows 10. Windows 10 isn’t that different from Windows 7. It has taken the decade-old operating system and brought it back with improvement in features as well performance.

With the return of the dearly missed start menu with its new modernized design, Windows 7 users are going to love the familiarity though the same cannot be said about the Windows 8 users who got used to the completely different interface. If you face any problems, you can easily go on how to get help in windows 10 and fix the issue. Here, we have listed out several reasons why you should upgrade your PC to Windows 10. It is high time guys! Stop running the old configuration. Level up now!

Windows 10

Speed Up!

Yes! macOS was the fastest till now but with Windows 10, users will experience an even faster start-up than that of Mac. Windows 7 was a turtle and we all know that. But with windows 10, it will hardly take a few seconds to start your PC. This is an upgrade that everyone needs especially if your PC is used for work purposes.

Return Of the Start Menu

Microsoft brought back the start menu with a new modernized design after hearing a lot of loud clamoring from a lot of tech enthusiasts. The new start menu maintains the basic concept of the old version with the adaptation of a tile-based appendage to keep the OS touch-enabled. With customization available for these tiles, you can change the size of the tiles according to your needs.


Siri became famous for her sarcastic and witty replies and Siri meme culture was born on social media platforms. But Siri is an apple product and hence is limited to Apple users. Windows 10 gave us Cortana making technology usage even more streamlined than ever.

Being able to command technology with our voice makes using your PC a lot easier. Instead of opening files and browsing through your playlist to play a song, you can just command Cortana to play the song for you. And after a long day of working on your PC, you can just command Cortana to switch it off for you. Voice assistant is a comfort we all deserve.

Better Browser

Internet Explorer has long been going out of use and with Windows 10’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, browsing has become faster and easier. The operating system’s default browser i.e., Microsoft Edge comes with improved speed, compatibility, and a sleek fluent design. It provides better compatibilities with websites and also sports useful features like webpage markup and reading mode.

Action Center

Apple’s OS X sported an action center for its user making the user experience even better. Windows 10 also provides its user an action center making notifications a whole new experience. Your action center will organize all the notifications you receive from different apps, including mail and calendar. Apart from that, it gives you access to the ‘Quick Actions’ button to control various systems settings directly.

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