Designer Vs. Niche Fragrances –What’s All the Fuss About?

Since the past few decades, perfume experts and enthusiasts have categorized perfumes into two wide groups – designer and niche. It can be difficult to draw a distinct line between them at times. Often, people believe that expert perfumer’s design niche perfumes while designer perfumes are not curated by experts. Well, y’all are wrong!

Niche Fragrances

Expert Perfumers Design Perfumes For?

Expert perfumers create exclusive niche perfumes as well as perfumes for brands like Dior, Chanel, Gucci, YSL, Tom Ford, etc. For example, renowned French perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufourdesigned perfume for Dior and was also the house perfumer for L’ArtisanParfumeur where he created numerous niche perfumes.

A Blurry Distinction

Back in the 19th and 20th century, there was a clear distinction between niche and designer perfumes. Niche perfumes were exclusively designed by the perfumer for their client while designer perfumes were mass-produced for people making them more affordable than niche perfumes.

But since designer brands have been releasing exclusive or limited perfumes, the distinction between the two has become blurry over the past few decades. So how do we know which perfumes belong to which broad category? Read further to know a more simplified classification of perfumes.

Drugstore Perfumes

All of us have used them at some point simply because they are affordable. They can be categorized under cosmetic or hygienic products and no one actually likes their smell. Almost all of them smell the same! Many of these drugstore perfumes are associated with their sister products like lotion, shaving cream, aftershave, or body wash.

Mainstream Designer Perfumes

Most of us use these designer perfumes as they are affordable and smell good. Sure! Not every designer perfume is great but fragrance also depends on the season, body odor, and the environment you wear it in.

Mainstream designer perfumes include perfumes by brands like Chanel, Gucci, YSL, Tom Ford, Armani, Hugo Boss, etc. If you want to buy a Gucci perfume, you can afford some of them while some can be costly. These perfumes are part of a brand that sells other designer products like clothing, accessories, Footwear, etc. and their main purpose is to increase their brand awareness.

For many of these brands, their perfumes bring them the biggest revenue as unlike their other products, perfumes are bought by a wider audience and are more affordable. Browse for designer perfumes with a huge discount available on Perfume Center and expand your perfume collection.

Limited Edition/Exclusive Designer Perfumes

Mainstream brands often release limited edition or exclusive designer perfumes which are made of better-quality ingredients, unlike their mainstream perfumes which are usually made of synthetic ingredients. These perfumes are often compared to niche perfumes because of their high-quality ingredients.

Popular Niche Perfumes

Very similar to limited edition or exclusive designer perfumes, popular niche perfumes are costly and are made with high-quality ingredients. They are perfumes made at perfume houses and are hence made in limited quantity. They are not used by a wider audience and are limited to a certain class of people because of their price as well as limited availability.

Pure Niche Perfumes

These perfumes are considered purest in the artistic sense. The perfumer creates fragrances and perfumes to create a unique scent that cannot be mass-produced because of the delicacy of the procedure as well as the cost of the ingredients used.

Often perfumers are hired to create a unique fragrance representing an emotion or an idea or a place for a particular person. These perfumes are costly and are available only at select high-end perfume stores or the perfume house’s boutique.

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